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Whatever isn't remembered never happened.
A place for everything and everything in its place.
One walks into a river according to its currents and into a country according to its customs.
abandoned buildings, absorption, acrobatics, acting, adaptation, adherence, ancient cultures, animism, anthropology, anthropomorphism, archives, art, artifacts, assimilation, attachment, backflips, biting, bouncing, brain implants, caffeine, camouflage, carpets, causality, chameleons, chaos, climbing, clinging, clothes make the man, codes of conduct, cold, colorshifting, concealing, condensation, conformity, conservation, costuming, crawling, cryonics, culture, curtains, deception, dissociative disorders, diving, dodging, emulation, endangered species, energy drinks, evaporation, fangs, fitting in, flies, flips, fractals, freezing, geometry, hacking, headspins, heat, hiding, hoards, homeostasis, hypnosis, hypnotism, ice, imitative learning, infiltration, integration, invisibility, juggling, languages, lashes, leaping, m.c. escher, masks, melding, melting, memory, method, mirrors, monkey see monkey do, morphogenetics, museums, native tribes, noah's ark, objectification, observation, obsessive-compulsive disorder, old growth forests, order, paintings, people watching, poison, pre-emption, preservation, prevention, privacy, protection, psychedelia, psychology, quantum mechanics, quantum physics, radicalism, rainbows, rarity, research, ridges, ritual dances, rolling, rugs, rules, safes, saving the world, sculptures, scuttling, secret agendas, security systems, shades, shapeshifting, smart drugs, snares, sneakiness, social conventions, social sciences, sociology, spinning, spitting, spots, springing, squatting, stealth, sticking, stockpiling, storage rooms, stripes, surveillance, tails, technoshamanism, thoroughness, tongues, tribal dances, unarmed combat, uniqueness, venom, vishnu, wanderlust, war paint, warehouses, water, when in rome, whipping