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Turn 3 [Jan. 5th, 2007|05:14 pm]
That doe! As he'd observed her he should have known she'd also be observing him and he, of all people, should have concealed himself better. He should have known better than to let her make the first move.

First observation then action, lizard. That is your directive. Don'take me remind you again.

But, but, but, he mentally stutters as he retrieves his juggling ball, they were taking things away. Boko knew there was no way they were going to be taking as good care of them as he'd been going to. After all, if they'd valued them as sentient beings like he did, there was no way they'd have removed them from their safe hiding places so callously. He'd have to get them back, one way or another.

The laughing crows and dogs were circling him like vultures when Boko dove into a few spins on his head, forcing them to back off with tail whips and tongue lashes, being careful not to accidentally strike any of his new "partners in crime", ending almost as an afterthought with a final lash at a musical insect to draw it back into his mouth to pensively chew on. His skin shifts to make him look like he has hundreds of bugs scuttling all over him.

If he'd been able to learn how to imitate their phasing ability somehow, he'd have been unstoppable. He wonders if another deal could be arranged with whoever discussed with Rome while he was out earlier, then remembers he still has a favor to repay them, and for the first time wonders just how much he's going to be asked to sacrifice for it.

You have more pressing matters to attend to.

Boko looks around to his fellow leashchewers. None of them seems materially damaged or suspicious of his motives for the time being, but the quadruped's notes echo the blanket of apprehension over them making the air feel cold, colder than most cold-blooded creatures like. He doesn't notice what Green notices right away, but eventually notices that she's noticed it and, following her gaze, locates the pink owl a second before he makes his opening speech.

Generally "Join us" is an offer Boko accepts without thinking, because there's no group he has nothing to learn from being a part of, and because his loyalty to the previous group he's been in until then has always only been a mask. However, for one thing, he's only been with the group he's in then for a relatively short amount of them, its unique members intrigue him and he thinks there's a lot for him to learn from them that he still hasn't had the chance to. For another, something about the newcomers seems to be setting off someone's radar, and he's never been one to make the first move. Facing the owl, he looks back at the ox and pink jackal questioningly, tilting his head at the owl as if to ask them what they think of him without asking.
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Turn 2 [Jan. 5th, 2007|05:12 pm]
You've got me to thank for saving you, you owe me for saving you and you'll be punished later, probably in the process of repaying it, so there's no use worrying about that right at the moment.

Since when had thinking for himself been the cool thing anyway, he'd grumbled to himself as he'd rubbed and shaken his head as he'd gotten back from his fall shortly after his senses had returned to him.

I heard that. You know I'd have heard that even if you hadn't said it. Now pay attention!

His left and right eye take in that two groups have formed, one comprised of a blue otter and indigo robo-dog, the other comprised of an ox and the pink jackal whose way with sound had caught his attention earlier on. The only lone party seems to be a doe, but she'd seemed a bit unapproachable even for his remarkable adaptative capabilities to have been enough for her. She'd be someone he'd have to work up his way to seeing through better - and someone to watch out for, perhaps.

The otter and dog had seemed to have developed a closer connection in a shorter amount of time than the ox and jackal had. Therefore the attention of the two former would have been trickier to divert from each other to him than the attention of the latter two who'd still been at the same level of introductory stage of social interaction with each other than he could have approached them at.

"I take my tea green, sir, with my most humble thanks. And, who else might you be other than your own self, if I may be so bold as to ask...?"
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Turn 1 [Nov. 29th, 2006|03:15 am]
The dancing may have been more spontaneous than the pre-determined tribal rituals he'd been used to memorizing, which had taken him slightly off-guard the first time it'd happened, but he'd developed a specific method to decompose and reconstitute artificial randomness patterns which had come in handy more than once since then. After a while moves became like people in any given clique, each more similar to the previous one than the last, and he could let the back of his mind take care of it while otherwise occupied. Which was good, because things seemed to be happening that were very probably going to be requiring most of his attention.

Boko had found the pink jackal intriguing from the start. At first he'd been disappointed because of the false hope he'd gotten that this had been someone who'd recorded sounds and played them back as they'd been before realizing that the sounds he'd played back had been modified, "personalized" as others might have said. But then, of course, that made it something unique and irreplaceable also, and although he'd been annoyed that it'd meant more work for him rather than the contingency he'd imagined, that hadn't made his responsibility to keep it alive any less real.

Music could be almost more elusive than sculptures could be, and that was really saying something. Perhaps based on this kind of experience there could be something that needed saving residing within that creature's mind itself also, so he started to think about devising a way of approaching it. Fortunately, the fact that so many of the dancers would have been drifting near Profett and the Medusa on their own gave Boko a perfect excuse to surreptitiously inch his own way towards them, his gyrations looking deceptively casual given how carefully planned they'd been.

Undivided attention to everything around him should have been second nature, same as the rest of the time. Nothing was supposed to be able to blindside him. So why were the recent screeches and flashes coming from the pink jackal and music plant monopolizing his attention so much, more than it felt like anything ever had? His ears were sensitive and the noise was excruciating for him to hear, yet he felt irresistibly drawn to it, barely noticing the irony of the hypnotist being hypnotized as it seeped out of his nearly bleeding ears. Years of juggling practice had made him skilled enough at catching things when they fell in mid-air, but he still had to strain to try to have one or two to bring back because the only thing on his mind was Is it on, is it on, is this fucking thing on or not? because there's no way I can be missing this, I could never, that just wouldn't be...

The pain barely a footnote in his mind's rolling eye. It couldn't just be because it was a plant, could it? He was convinced he'd faded to translucent in his urge to get near but he was flashing red and yellow in his excitement without even realizing he was. Whatever was going to happen couldn't possibly matter, he could always deal with everything as it came, couldn't he?

Caught the quadruped out of the corner of his ear. Normally attention is a commodity he has in spades, and there's even something in what she's playing his subconscious would recognize from somewhere, and the fact that his conscious mind isn't registering it is what first tips off his plasmate that something's wrong, but there's no gaining back control or re-establishing neural communication channels in his current state. He'd have to be punished for it later in a way he wouldn't like, a skill Rome had had to work at perfecting but had gotten especially good at.

I can see no one's home so here's a message on your machine, you useless reptile. When someone's mind is being fucked with anywhere around you, you're the one who's supposed to be doing it. Keeping track if someone else is doing it to someone else not only for the sake of keeping track but maybe even to learn a trick or two, failing that. In any case, your mind certainly isn't supposed to be the one it's happening to, am I making myself clear enough...?
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(no subject) [Nov. 18th, 2006|06:40 pm]
Change again. Rats and devils.

Of course he'd casually but methodically scoured as much of the previous version of the station as he'd been able to, taking enough notes along the way for him to have been able to have saved the complete blueprints of it like the previous times around, but still. Gone, all of it, with perhaps a vague memory or two in a few of the other inhabitants' minds, but with only him left to really, really remember it the way it was, the only one who ever truly kept track.

On the plus side, the suction cups on his fingers would make getting around inside the toroid structure a breeze, gravity adjustments or no. The branches would be easy for him to swing and hang by with his tongue and tail as well. Nothing he couldn't adapt to.

Boko sat in the Agoraphobe, the high-precision recorder in his pocket turned on saving every note of the music being played, and he sat lapping up an energy drink in quick intermittent tongue strokes watching the felines dance. He wouldn't dance, at least, not yet. His eyes slowly wobbled in every direction, seemingly at random but with well-calculated patterns in mind designed to take everything in as efficiently as possible.

He watched, and learned. Soon he'd outdance all of them.
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(no subject) [Nov. 14th, 2006|12:34 pm]
When you have time (it doesn't have to be this month or even this year, don't worry), you should check out thirdglasseye, not because I need you to but because based on what I know of you and on how I've seen that you've reacted to what you know of me, I'm 95% convinced you'll like it, and that you'd like it even if someone else had written it.
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The Chameleon and the Skunk [Oct. 2nd, 2006|04:58 pm]
If you're reading this journal, you'll probably also be interested in reading this.
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